Tales From The Thrift: Volume 2

Despite massive delays, Tales From The Thrift: Volume 2 is finally here! This entry covers a weekend at the January North Texas Comic Book Show. Though I had never been to this show before, I will almost certainly be going again. With some great people, a nice selection of goods, and excellent prices, the North Texas Comic Book show was a lot of fun. Entry was ten dollars per person this year, and it was worth every penny.

I was able to pick up some great stuff at the show, so without any further adieu, let’s get started with volume 2 of Tales From The Thrift! Note: prices will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. For this entry, I will not be pricing individual items, as many of the items were purchased in lots from particular sellers. However, the total spent will still be present near the end of the post.

For those who missed the first entry of this new series, or just want to know what it’s all about, please take a look at Tales From The Thrift: Volume 1.

The Comics

As is expected of any comic book show, the North Texas Comic Book Show had no shortage of comics. Though i didn’t purchase too many, I was able to acquire some issues that I had been wanting to add to my collection for a while. I would have been thrilled just to pick up an issue of Savage Dragon/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1, but to be able to bulk up my TMNT single issue collection with these other issues was a huge bonus. The Martial Arts Training Manuals, some slightly newer issues, and the one-shot were all cool additions, but my favorite comic find has to be my new copy of TMNT #4. I love the cover art, and the fact that it was reused for the NES game’s box art only sweetens the deal. Beyond turtle comics, I was also able to snag a couple more issues from the “Reign of the Supermen” storyline and an issue of Bucky O’Hare. Bucky O’Hare artist Michael Golden attended the show, so I was able to get the issue signed as well!

Comics purchased at the North Texas Comic Book Show

The Tapes

One of the sellers at the show was having a liquidation sale, and I was able to find some interesting VHS tapes for rock-bottom prices. The seller had some really interesting promotional tapes, including: an Angel episode preview, two Buena Vista trailer reels, a Universal Pictures trailer reel, a screener copy of the first episode of the TNT Witchblade series, an American Gladiators promo reel (the tape in the white sleeve in the picture), and an X-Men & Avengers 30th Anniversary Promo Video. I’m a huge fan of oddball VHS tapes, and things like screener copies and promotional tapes are right up my alley. Plus, I can’t be the only one who gets a little wave of nostalgia when they see the old TNT logo.

The other tapes I picked up included the Sinister Cinema release of Bride of the Monster, Pryde of the X-Men (sealed), and Scooby-Doo with guest stars Batman and Robin. Nothing too rare, but all are solid pickups.

VHS tapes purchased at the North Texas Comic Book Show

The Toys (And Other Cool Stuff)

There were so many great toys at this show. Though I picked out some cool items, it would have been easy to come home with so much more. The older Toy Biz release of Apocalypse from X-Men and the Joker Cycle are probably my favorite toys that I bought, but the loose toys are cool too! Two Mac Tonight figures, a McDonald’s Changeable, The Joker, Daredevil, Egon and a cool little lip balm holder featuring The Tick are all welcome additions to my ever-growing toy collection. With that said, I do already own this Egon figure, so it may end up for sale or trade. My girlfriend also found this set of great-looking Disney cups from Burger King in brand new condition. On the video game front, I was able to grab a beat-up copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 at the show, and picked up Xena for the N64 at Movie trading Company later in the week.

Toys and other items purchased at the North Texas Comic Show

More Cool Stuff

After digging through various bins and stacks from the seller who was liquidating his inventory, I found some great items. Best of all, he sold almost everything to me way below sticker price! First up, I grabbed two folders from a promotion between Nickelodeon and Post, some back issues of Starlog magazine, an Ashcan Edition of Mystery Incorporated #1, two fan publications (which may be deserving of their own posts), and a pack of stickers featuring The Tick. Most of this will be staying with me, but some items could end up being traded.

Various magazines, folders, and stickers bought at the North Texas Comic Book Show

In addition, I found this sealed 1991 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles calendar. Granted, it may not be too useful as a calendar these days, but the artwork alone is worth the price of admission. This item stays with me!

1991 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Calendar

Finally, the seller included these three red binders for next to nothing. I wasn’t too sure what they were, but considering the deals he had given me all day, I decided to go ahead and buy these as well. After doing a bit of research, it appears to be complete 1990-1992 collections of Joe Bob BriggsWe Are The Weird newsletter. Briggs seems to be most famous for his days hosting the late-night movie showcases Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater on TMC and MonsterVision on TNT. The newsletters themselves are related mostly to B-Movies and cult films. I will most likely be trading or selling these.

We are the Weird collection by Joe Bob Briggs

After all was said and done, the January North Texas Comic Book Show was a lot of fun, and I was able to acquire quite a bit without spending an unreasonable amount.

Total spent: $130


I haven’t had a chance to sell much just yet, but I was able to list and sell four of the Super Nintendo games I acquired as part of the lot featured in Volume 1 of Tales From The Thrift. The games netted me $97.83 after shipping and fees.

Total sold: $97.83

Though I’ve picked up some great items, I definitely need to start selling a bit more to move into profitable territory. Still, with a huge stack of NES and SNES games yet to be listed, the outlook remains positive.

Stay tuned for updates, new finds, and more Tales From The Thrift!

2016 Tales From The Thrift Running Total: -$377.17

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  1. Doug
    March 6, 2016

    Addendum to part one. I found an old issue of a Superman comic in one of my old comics boxes the other day. Turns out it’s the first appearance of Supergirl, from 1959. Even coverless, it’s worth $150 -$250! Now I have to go look through my other coverless issues to see what else I have as well as all the older 1940s and 50s titles I acquired over the years. More work. Pulled out a stack of 1980s punk 45 rpm discs the other day that were part of a bud’s collection he left here more than 10 years ago. I sold the LPs years ago but few people seem to want 45s. Also pulled some old LPs to transfer including 2 Hanna Barbera records (Snooper and Blabber Mouse and Jonny Quest), several Conan the Barbarian discs, and the Goldorak (French Grandizer) movie LP. Dang! More work…

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