VHS Bonanza Volume 3: Inside the VHS Bargain Bag

Welcome to VHS Bonanza Volume 3: Inside the VHS Bargain Bag! During a recent trip to Movie Trading Company, some brown paper bags caught my eye. On the front of these bags were words so enticing that no mere mortal could resist: “20 VHS, $12.99”.

Each bag contains the same titles, so there was no need to buy more than one. After paying the requisite $12.99, I gained access to the secrets held within the VHS bargain bag. As it turns out, the secrets consist mostly of popular VHS tapes from the ‘90s and early 2000’s.

Tapes From The VHS Bargain Bag - VHS Bonzanza

Even though there was nothing rare or unexpected inside the bag, it was still fun to pore over the contents. The VHS bargain bag is almost like a time capsule; it’s tough to imagine that anyone who watched movies on VHS didn’t have at least ONE of these titles in their collection, if not several. I certainly did, and will admit to watching my Phantom Menace and X-Men tapes over and over.

The VHS bargain bag might not have added anything rare to my collection, but it will no doubt give me hours of entertainment. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think it’s time to make some popcorn, grab a soda, and enjoy some glorious VHS action.


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