Tales From The Thrift: Volume 5

Welcome to Tales From The Thrift: Volume 5! This post will cover my final purchases and sales from 2016. Though I didn’t buy too much during this period, I did sell quite a bit. Will I actually manage to turn a profit? Read on to find out!

For those who missed the first entries of this series, or just want to know what it’s all about, please take a look at the previous installments.

Note: prices will be rounded up to the nearest dollar.

The Games

As mentioned previously, I didn’t spend much on thrifting towards the end of the year. Most of my finds were video games from Movie Trading Company. Surprisingly, I’ve found better game prices there than the flea markets over the past year. Specifically, I picked up the following:

  • The Tick (Sega Genesis) $9
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Sega Genesis) $7
  • DuckTales (NES) $21
  • Knuckles Chaotix (Sega 32X) $51
  • Ecco The Dolphin (Sega CD) $5
  • Cybermorph (Atari Jaguar) $11

I was pretty excited to find all of these games in the wild, especially Knuckles Chaotix. No, it isn’t the best game from the Sonic series, but it is pretty fun if you give it a chance. Considering the price on this seems to keep going up, I couldn’t resist buying it when I had my chance. DuckTales was the other big score, and well worth the price. The Tick, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and Cybermorph are all fun games that filled holes in my collection. I already owned Ecco The Dolphin for Sega CD, so I ended up selling this copy.

Total spent: $104

The Videos

I didn’t buy a lot of VHS tapes this time around, though I did pick up one, The Adventures of Ronald McDonald: McTreasure Island. This tape was $1 and absolutely worth it. I already have a copy, so I may be giving this one away soon. This was a solid pickup, but nothing in comparison to what came next.

While browsing the aisles at Movie Trading Company, I eventually found my way to the anime section. Once there, I made sure to see if they had any of the old Dragon Ball Z single DVDs that I’m missing from my collection. To my astonishment, they had a very hard-to-find Dragon Ball Z DVD: The Best of Vegeta. This was intended to be a budget release (and a Walmart exclusive as far as I can tell), but for unknown reasons, the Best of Vegeta DVD was exceptionally hard to find. It is unclear exactly why this occurred, but I was thrilled to pick it up for $3.99 (per my rules, this will be rounded up to $5 in the total). For most people, this might not be in discussion for find of the year. For a Dragon Ball collector, it’s hard for me to pick anything else!

Total spent: $6

The Sales

I finally got around to selling things, and I didn’t do too badly! However, I kept several items that might have allowed me to make more on sales (I’m looking at you, Super Castlevania IV). I did manage to sell about $400 worth of items (after shipping and fees), which will help a bit with the final total.

Total sales: $400

2016 Tales From The Thrift Final Total: -$215.17

Did I meet my goal of making more than I spent on collecting in 2016? Unfortunately, no.

With that said, I can’t consider the Tales From The Thrift project to be a complete failure by any stretch. Although I didn’t make more than I spent on collecting, I did enjoy writing the series. More importantly, I enjoyed the experiences I had and the people I interacted with along the way. In the past year, Tapes From The Crypt went from being a simple experiment to something I really enjoy. The main reason behind that is the great people I’ve interacted with, particularly on social media.

No, I didn’t turn a profit. However, I did have a ton of fun. Thanks for reading these posts for the past year, and stay tuned—I have some big plans for 2017!

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