The Dalworth Carpet Cleaning Jingle

Some songs just stay stuck in your head FOREVER. There are a lot of great jingles out there. But for people who lived in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex during the nineties, one remains king: the Dalworth Carpet Cleaning jingle.

The song was simple, infinitely catchy, and ran on what seemed like every channel. I’ve yet to meet someone my age who lived in this area that doesn’t remember the Dalworth Carpet Cleaning jingle. I mean, just look at those lyrics!

Call 267-8433, because the next best thing to new is Dalworth clean!

Click the video above to play the song, but be warned: it WILL get stuck in your head. For those wondering, the company is still around today. As a bonus, they seem to realize just how popular the Dalworth Carpet Cleaning jingle was.

Once you’re done, let me know what jingles have been stuck in your heads for the past 20+ years!

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